Subway customers divided over viral video showing how to eat a sandwich ‘properly’

A viral TikTok reignited the debate about the “right” way to enjoy Subway sandwiches — and really got people talking.

In the TikTok in question, a user named Himeotheus discussed a Subway eating technique on the platform that he wished he had discovered much earlier.

He began the video by saying, “I've come to the conclusion that I just haven't been living right… Did you all know that? I didn't know that. I've been eating at Subway for the last 25 years and I was mad that stuff kept falling out of the sub, right?”

But Himeotheus has discovered a trick to solve the problem: “I'm standing behind the lady in line. Do you know what this lady asked you to do? Take the middle out of the submarine,” he says. “That was the most beautiful submarine I've ever seen in my 28 years of life.”

He then posted a follow-up video in which he actually demonstrated the technique by physically removing the bread from a simple sandwich.

This sparked a debate on the platform, with many unhappy with the “hack” shown in the video: “NO, NO, NOT AT ALL!!! The middle is the best. The warm, fluffy, soft bread is EVERYTHING, if it's not there, I don't want it.”

Others argued that there was only one way to enjoy a Subway sandwich – the way the chain sliced ​​its bread over two decades ago. This method was called the “V-cut.”

“You should check out the Subway V Cut. This is how to eat Subway properly!” users proclaimed.

“The old Subway cut was corny. For some reason they just seemed different and now when you go in nobody knows what the old cut was,” agreed another.

“I was about to say that!!! They edited the subreddits much better back then,” said one, and several agreed.

The V-cut method was abolished in 1999 and has been troubling customers ever since. There is even an online petition to reinstate it. Here the V-cut method is explained as follows:

“A time (a glorious time) when Subway simply cut off the top of its bread and created a nice groove where you could put meat, vegetables, etc.

“When the lid was put back in its proper place, the toppings stayed in your sandwich until you were finished. Today, things are different because with every bite, the mess on your paper wrapper gets bigger and bigger and you have less and less sandwich in your mouth.”

However, this isn't the first time that the way people eat sandwiches has gone viral. Back in October, a man caused a stir on TikTok with his hunt for a “scooped bagel.”