How historic is this Jalen Brunson playoff run?

Yahoo Sports NBA Contributor Tom Haberstroh breaks down his latest “Big Number” – explaining what the Knicks guard is doing in the playoffs that no player his size has ever done before.

Video transcript

I'm Tom Haberstroh.

And you observe the large number.

Today's big number is 33.9.

That's Jalen Brunson's scoring average this postseason, which is 6 feet 2 inches, the highest playoff points per game in NBA history. Some compare this postseason performance for a player his size to Allen Iverson's fifth run to the NBA Finals in 2001, when he was surrounded by elite defenders.

I like that cop, but honestly Brunson was better.

They pushed their team's offense just as hard with nearly identical usage rates, but Brunson did it more efficiently, posting a 54.3% shooting percentage compared to Iverson's 48%.

Brunson is 140 points away from matching Iverson's point total in the 2001 postseason.

You know what?

I wouldn't ignore him.

Of course, Bruson still has a long way to go before he reaches the NBA Finals.

But if you think Bronson is today's answer to the question, then you're not so far off.

Just look at Bronson's unprecedented 33.9.

I'm Tom Havers and this is the big number